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About Us

The Nigerian Students Society (NSS) EMU Chapter, is a body fully recognized by Eastern Mediterranean University as the sole representative body of Nigerian Students in the University. The primary function of this body is to serve as a direct link between all Nigerian students and the school. This society is also responsible, within it limitations, for the general welfare and peaceful coexistence amongst all Nigerian Students.

Nigerian Students are advised to call the NSS regarding issues to which we can be of assistance and for amicable settlement of student's related disputes. The NSS in turn will function to ensure that the best interest of Nigerians on the island is fully represented.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The aims and objectives of NSS shall be:- 

a) To preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Eastern Mediterranean University and National Association of Nigerian Students. 

b) To represent the interest of Nigerian Students in TRNC 

c) To harmonize and co-operate the activities of Member-unions 

d) To defend the Interest of Nigerian Students Consistently 

i. The freedom of thought, religion, expression, action, association and movement and the right to life and means of livelihood of Nigerian students. 

ii. The legitimate interests of students in the social security, national construction and cultural activities 

iii. National integration shall be actively encouraged in the Association, while discrimination on grounds of origin, sex, religion, ethnic or linguistic association shall be prohibited. 

 iv. To maintain friendly relationships with all unions of students that are democratically elected and are fully representatives of aspirations of the students of other countries 

v. To encourage Nigerian students in specialized disciplines and stimulate an academic interchange of ideas at seminars, conferences and symposia 

vi. To encourage Nigerian students in sporting, social and cultural activities providing adequate platforms on these basis. 

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