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The Nigerian Students Society Eastern Mediterranean University Alumni is created primarily to connect friends and classmates that have lost contact over the years. More so, this platform is created to allow alumni members with philantropic initiatives to support the society in any form they deem possible, most especially in assiting the NSS leadership deliver her social services.  The NSS operates three major social schemes, namely; Book Bank, Food Basket and Foundation, these schemes were created to assist students in respective areas. 

Hence we request that you update the society by filling this online Alumni Information Update Form.

Please note that the information provided in this online form is non- accessible by anyone except with the permission of the owner, this is to ensure maximum privacy on our information database, friends and classmates who wishes to connect with Alumni or current students of EMU should contact the society using the Contact Us form.

Steps on connecting with a fellow Alumni or current members of the Nigerian Students Society EMU

  • Complete the Contact Us Form at the right menu on our homepage (endeavor to provide precise information to ease our search)
  • Once the request is received, the society will contact the owner of the information for permission.
  • Then the information requested will be sent to you.

Please note that those qualified to fill this Alumni Information Update Form are those that have successfully graduated from EMU by completing any program, hence the year of first completed program should be used.

    Join our alumni facebook group here to meet friends and classmates and also follow our discussions 

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