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Established in Article 2 Section 2 of the NSS EMU Constitution, the Cabinet’s role is to advise the President on any subject he may require relating to the duties of each member’s respective office. The Executive is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Society.

President Izu Nwamara’s Cabinet includes the Vice President which is vacant and the heads of the 13 executive departments/offices – the Secretary-General and Assistant, The PRO and Assistant , Financial Secretary, The Treasurer, The Directors of Socials, Sports, Welfare, Education, and IT Departments, The Auditor, The Special Duties Officer

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President Izu’s Cabinet

President of the- NSS Izu Nwamara

Vice President- VACANT

Secretary-General- Simisola Odufote

Assistant Secretary- Vacant

Social Director- Vacant

Assistant Social Director- Vacant

Director of Education- Ite Ayinde

Treasurer- Vacant

Financial Secretary- Vacant

I.T Director- Maxwell Dubukumah

Director of Welfare- Al-Mustapha Hamza

Assistant Welfare Director- Vacant

Liaison Officer- Vacant

Auditor General- Vacant

Director Special Duties- Vacant

Sports Director- Ositadinma RichJude

Public Relations Officer- Femi Oritogun

Assist Public Relations Officer- Vacant

Special Adviser- Evarist Emmanuel

Ladies Affairs-  Vacant

The Executive arm of NSS is charged with the responsibility of upholding and defending the constitutional aims and objectives of the NSS as follows;

  • Shall appoint adhoc committees as would necessary other than those set up by the Senate
  • Shall take care of the NSS properties
  • Shall be responsible for the execution of the views and policies of the congress and senate, also the day to day administration of NSS
  • Shall represent NSS views to the school or any authority within and outside TRNC
  • Shall associate themselves with the decision reached and all shall be collectively responsible for the activities of the Executive council

Team Action Cabinet 2021

 President Izu Nwamara 



Director Socials


Director IT

Liaison Officer

Sports Director

Special Adviser

Asst. Sec. Gen.

Ast. Welfare Dir.

Director Education 

  Dir. Financial

 Director Welfare

Auditor General


Ladies Affairs

Asst. Socials Dir.

Asst. PRO


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