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Vice President of the NSS

 The vice president of the NSS is the second-highest officer in the Executive Organ of the NSS, after the president of the NSS, and ranks first in the NSS presidential line of succession.

The office is currently vacant as Izu Nwamara the 14th and former vice president of the NSS assumed office of President after his predeccesor resigned.


With the emergence of political teams in latter years after the NSS was found the Office of VP became widely significant in forming Student Government to create continuity in Government regardless of situations.

Roles of the vice president

In accordance with the Constitution, as written by the Senate in 2015, The VICE PRESIDENT shall:-

(i) Assist the president in all his/her duties and deputize for him/her in his/her absence 

(ii) Coordinate the activities of the local committees of NSS Independence Celebration 

(iii) Protect and defend students right in the institution 

(iv) Struggle for workable solutions to the problems of students fees (provisional registrations) with the aid of the president

(v) Be vigilant for NSS on the defense of the fundamental Human Rights in the school and TRNC 

Succession to the presidency

The Constitution stipulates that the vice president takes over the "powers and duties" of the presidency in the event of a president's removal, resignation, or inability. 

This understanding was first tested in 2018, following the removal from office of NI Emeka by the School Authority. NI's vice president, Ibrahim Saghir, asserted that he had succeeded to the office of president, not just to its powers and duties. He took the presidential oath of office, and declined to acknowledge plaintiffs referring to him as "Acting President". Although some in the Senate and the Cabinet denounced Saghir's claim as a violation of the Constitution, he adhered to his position. Saghir's view ultimately prevailed when the Recorate of the School and the NSS Senate acknowledges him as president, setting a momentous precedent for an orderly transfer of presidential power following a president's removal. In total, only one vice president has succeeded to the presidency intra-term. Ibrahim Saghir (2018)

Informal roles

The extent of any informal roles and functions of the vice president depends on the specific relationship between the president and the vice president but often include tasks such as drafter and spokesperson for the administration's policies, an adviser to the president, and is a symbol of the Society concern or support. The influence of the vice president in this role depends almost entirely on the characteristics of the particular administration. Ibrahim Saghir, for instance, was widely regarded as one of President NI Emeka's closest confidants. Izu Nwamara is regarded as an important adviser to President Ibrahim Saghir on matters of welfare and inter societies' relationship.

Under the NSS system of government, the president is The Head of the Nigerian Society in EMU, and the ceremonial duties of the former position are often delegated to the vice president. The vice president will on occasion represent the president and the NSS government at events outside the school, or at various events in the School. This often is the most visible role of the vice president. The vice president may also meet with other heads of societies at times when the administration wishes to demonstrate concern or support but cannot send the president personally.

The president may transfer the presidential powers and duties to the vice president, who then becomes acting president, by transmitting a statement to the Senate President stating the reasons for the transfer. The president resumes the discharge of the presidential powers and duties upon transmitting, to the Senate President, a written declaration stating that resumption. Such a transfer of power has occurred once in 2016: Madaka Farouk to Temitope Ajiboro.

Selection process


As Stipulated in the NSS Constitution: 

 i.Must have a CGPA of at least 2.50 and above 

ii.Must be a fully registered student of EMU

iii.Must be a Nigerian 

iv.Must not have committed an offense or found guilty by the University ‘s disciplinary committee

Nominating process

Vice Presidential Candidates are chosen often a times to compliment a Presidential Candidate in terms of influence, culture, religion, etc.


Pursuant to the Updated Constitution of 2020, the one year term of a Vice President begins at noon on December 5 so as the Presidents. The first presidential terms to begin on this date would be December 5, 2020. Although due to a standing tradition Like the Former that has preceded administrations, an Elected Vice President is referred to as Vice President-Elect if the organized Handover Ceremony hasn't held, in a case where the Handover dinner holds before the Annual Nigerian Night the Elected Vice President is referred to as Vice President-Designate (Incoming  Vice President) with no powers until the President-Elect has assumed full duties of the office.

Before Executing the powers of office, a Vice President is required to recite the oath of office:

I………………………………………………………… Do solemnly swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to NSS, that as ……………………………………………………….. I will discharge my duties to the best of my knowledge, ability faithfully and in accordance with the constitution of NSS that I will preserve, protect, and defend the constitution. So help me God. 

Term limit

  The term of office for both President and Vice President is one year but unlike the office of President with its new term limits the office of Vice President has no term limits, but in an unusual case where a former President having served two complete terms is Vice President, he can not assume the Presidency in a sudden event to the President.


In accordance with the Constitution, The senate shall have the power to SUSPEND or IMPEACH any official of NSS found guilty of negligence of duty, embezzlements or any forms of Misappropriation of funds or abuse of office, an impeachment proceeding can pass on a minimum of 16-9 votes in the Senate than a minimum of 13-12 votes for Removal from office (this only applies to the Office of President, Vice President & Senate President).  The accused officer shall be free to appeal to the International office. Also, the School authority maintains the right to SUSPEND or IMPEACH and REMOVE the President the of NSS found guilty of negligence of duty, embezzlements, or any forms of Misappropriation of funds or abuse of office. 

No Vice President has been impeached.


As the Constitution stipulates  "Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of the NSS Senate"

(sitted) Vice President Temitope Ajiboro and 10th President Madaka discussing on their first day in office, while NSS PRO Fredrick Edeh looks on

Vice President Ahmed Abdulkadir Anas casting his ballot during the International Office Presidential Elections of 2018.

9th President Salim Hamza and 10th President Madaka Farouq exchange handshakes at NSS Inauguration Ceremony.


Vice President of the
Nigerian Students Society EMU

Seal of the Vice President

NSS Logo
Office is Vacant
  • Mr Vice President
  • Comrade
    (formal & diplomatic)

AbbreviationVP, VPOTNSS
Member of

Election for a new term, or Nomination to fill a vacancy by the President of the NSS approved by the NSS Senate
Term lengthOne Year, renewable once
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the NSS EMU
FormationOctober 1, 2006
(13 years ago)
First holderMusuka Hassan

Most Recent Past Vice Presidents

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