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2020 Presidential Elections

 The 2020-2021/2022 NSS Elections was the 15th Annual Elections held by the International Office of the University. Currently, For the second time in a decade, a Candidate ran unopposed hereby making it a Referendum, this election marked the first time Society elections would be conducted online due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Comrade Muhammed Alkali (the immediate past NSS Senate Minority Leader) contested the elections.     


 President Izu Nwamara, the incumbent President who had succeded President Saghir in October of 2021 declined to seek another term as President making him the shortest NSS President in history.

Due to the unforseen circumstances of theCorona Virus pandemic, the sitiing administration which was more of a mirror from the saghir led administration worked in her last days to build back better under the Izu led NSS.

President Izu Nwamara anointed candidate was Mohammed Alkali to continue the great visions and project started under their term.

This election saw the lowest student participation with a decline of over 70% as compared to the previous election of 2019, President-elect Mohammed Alkali won the highest percentage recorded in NSS History of 97%.

Alkali's Campaign

Senator Mohammed Alkali for NSS President Campaign Team chose Incumbent NSS Acting Director of Education Ite Ayinde as the running mate/vice presidential candidate and together formed Alkali/Ite 2021-2022 Ticket, with campaign slogans as Building together a better society!

This election marked the first time in seven years, where a female candidate won the office of Vice President.


2021 Team Build Back Better Ticket
Mohammed AlkaliIte Ayinde
for Presidentfor Vice President
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NSS EMU Senate Minority Leader
NSS EMU Acting Director of Education

Campaign Materials

2021 EMU International Societies presidential election

← 2019

Turnout80 Decrease 74.6%
Mohammed Alkali
School Dept.
Human Resource

Nigerian state

Running mateIte Ayinde
Popular Votes
78 (Y)
2 (N)


President before election

Izu Nwamara

Elected President

Mohammed Alkali

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