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2016 Presidential elections

 The 2016 NSS Elections was the 11th Annual Elections held by the International Office of the University.  The elections was a contest between Comrade Jerry Sambe and Comrade Ibrahim Lawal, this election was a battle on experience as Jerry Sambe who had never served in the NSS was contesting against Ibrahim Lawal who had served under the controversial yet productive Samuel Omale administration.                                                                                                          President Madaka Farouk, the Incumbent President declined to run for a Second Term. 

Riding on the Successes of his predecessor, the Madaka Administration left a high standing legacy for coming administrations to follow, it was quite uncertain if President Madaka made a public endorsement or not.

Sambe's Campaign

Jerry Sambe for NSS President Campaign Team had earlier announced former Presidential Hopeful Comrade Ezinne Favour as the running mate/vice presidential candidate, then later announced a Change with Comrade Anas Abdulkadir as the running mate/vice presidential candidate and together formed Sambe/Anas 2016-2017 Ticket, with campaign slogans as: One Nigeria, Unity & Progress

2016 Team One Nigeria (Unity & Progress) Ticket
Jerry SambeAhmad Anas A.
for Presidentfor Vice President


Lawal's Campaign

Ibrahim Lawal for NSS President Campaign Team picked Comrade Samuel Akoni as the running mate/vice presidential candidate and together formed Lawal/Samuel 2016-2017 Ticket, with campaign slogans as: A Greater Nigeria!

2016 Team "A Greater Nigeria" Ticket
Ibrahim LawalSamuel Akoni
for Presidentfor Vice President


2016 EMU International Societies presidential election

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Turnout 397 Decrease 28.7%


Jerry SambeIbrahim Lawal
School Dept.
International Relations
International Relations
Nigerian stateBenue
Running mate Anas AbdulkadirSamuel Akoni
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President before election

Madaka Farouk

Elected President

Jerry Sambe

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