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The Nigerian students Society as we know today is far away from being a product of short-term efforts. It is an outcome of collective efforts by patriotic Nigerians with the relentless passion for Leadership. The existence of the association dates as far back as 2006, maybe even years before. The Voice of Nigerians has never been as crucial as it has become today, without the efforts of more than 5 patriotic Leaders with the passion of maintaining the Reputation of our Fatherland abroad. Many years ago, the Society was like Debris haunted by ants. It neither had a voice, nor a specific location that symbolized its presence within the walls of EMU. Moreover, it did not quite long before the demographic dividends of Nigerians with a charismatic Leader at the front of the train. 

BABA ZAKARI as the Pioneer President of the then Nigerian Students Association EMU defined the structure of the Nigerian Students Association, also proferrred ideas to solve problems of discrimination against Nigerian and African Students.

With his team, fought for the rights of Nigerian students and African students in EMU in general. A legacy that the present members of the, now called Nigerian Students Society Eastern Mediterranean University enjoy today.

Furthermore, a student by the Name Taiwo Alphonso continued from the work left by his predecessors. He was an Economics student that always had the zeal of protecting the collective interest of Nigerians at heart. When he resumed office in 2009 with his cabinet members, he expressed his interest in leading Nigerians to great heights, after showing his appreciation for his predecessors. During the 2009-2010 academic session, he struggled in many forms through various platforms to reach Nigerians in EMU, with the sole purpose of sensitization regarding protecting our reputation abroad. One of his most effective programs which remain a key policy in every administrative leadership is the tutorial. Despite his workload, he and his cabinet members took it upon themselves to ensure that they complete the unconnected dots in the educational status of Nigerian Students in EMU. There were many impacts he made to the Nigerian identity in our University, but then his activism in setting a grass-root of Leadership remains a legacy passed unto his successor in the following year.

We have been mentioning men and the legacies they have built for the Nigerian Students Society, but there are exceptional women that have taken the verge of leadership and have contributed to the current status of what we know as NSS today. Funmi Chubbey Odutola is the first and only female Nigerian that led the NSS, it will be inappropriate to say that Funmi's efforts in 2010 did not generate a positive impact upon students' leadership in EMU. Her leadership dismantled the notion of patriarchy. While some might argue that her leadership did not generate much impact, others will argue that her presence within the system implies that not only men can lead, but ladies can also lead as well.

In the year 2011 Temitope Shoniyi, another passionate Nigerian was democratically elected by the Nigerian Students. From the day of President Temitope's emergence until the relinquishment of his tenure, towards the end of the year, more efforts were made to strengthen the Association. When he came to office, the Society had been given a location in the topmost floor of Business and Economics Faculty. At the time of his leadership, there were problems associated with both Uniting Africans and stabilizing the situation of Nigerian students in Eastern Mediterranean University. One of the efforts he made to realizing unity amongst Africans was the initiation of what we know today as ASGA. The African Students Grand Awards was carved out of the efforts of President Temitope. During that year, a huge number of students from the whole Island graced the Awards Night. This intuitive unexpectedly established a platform where Africans from different Universities on the Island came together to share the joy of being an African abroad. Another achievement that has always remained a fundamental part of the NSS today is the "book Bank". It was born out of the effort of then-President Temitope Shoniyi, with the purpose of helping Nigerian students to get course books and glossaries. Amongst many, the efforts mentioned above are an integral part of a momentum built by these men.

 In 2013, Jocknom Kotty succeeded President Temitope. His personality was appealing to the Nigerian students. As a result, he was granted the mandate to lead. He, like his predecessor and those before them, maintained the legacy as they met it. But he and his female vice President and other Cabinet Members contributed to the reputation of the Society. They had their own policies of which some were implemented effectively, while others were either unsuccessful or non-visible. President Jocknom Kotty, thus played an effective role when it comes to governance of the Nigerian Students Society.

Today, the Nigeria Society is ranked the most effective Society by the International Office. In fact, it is visualized as a role model for other Societies to emulate. It is with great hope that I say and wish that upcoming Leaders will not make the efforts of their predecessors to be in vain.

Other Nigerian Students Society presidents.

2013-2014 Comrade Samuel Omale

2014-2015 Comrade Salim Hamza Ringim

2015-2016 Comrade Farouk Ado Madaka

2016-2017 Comrade Jerry Sambe 

2017-2018  Comrade NI Emeka

2017-2018  Comrade Ibrahim Saghir (Acting)

2018-2019  Comrade Victor Ika

2019-date  Comrade Ibrahim Saghir (Incumbent)

...Written By Comrade Abubakar Mustapha


The Nigerian Students Society (NSS) EMU Chapter, is a body fully recognized by Eastern Mediterranean University as the sole representative body of Nigerian Students in the University. The primary function of this body is to serve as a direct link between all Nigerian students and the school. This society is also responsible, within it limitations, for the general welfare and peaceful coexistence amongst all Nigerian Students.

Nigerian Students are advised to call the NSS regarding issues to which we can be of assistance and for amicable settlement of student's related disputes. The NSS, in turn, will function to ensure that the best interest of Nigerians on the island is fully represented.


Nigeria, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a federal constitutional republic located in West Africa. It shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. Nigeria is comprised of 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Lagos is the largest city and the dominant cultural and commercial center. More...

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