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2018 Presidential Elections


2018 Presidential Elections

  The 2018 NSS Elections was the 13th Annual Elections held by the International Office of the University. For the first time in a decade, a Candidate ran unopposed hereby making it a Referendum, Comrade Victor Ika contested the elections.                                                                     President Ibrahim Saghir, the sitting President declined to run for a Second Term. 

After a rough year and administration from faced with a higher decline in the image with the school authority following the removal from office of President NI Emeka and the inner political battles going in the administration, almost made the society unrecognizable as the elections were one of the politically bitter ones in NSS history with little majority support for the new President-Elect and one of the lowest turnout, Ika won the elections by a majority of six votes.

President Saghir was silent on endorsing Comrade Ika

Ika's Campaign

Victor Ika for NSS President Campaign Team chose Comrade Usman Sabo as the running mate/vice presidential candidate and together formed Ika/Sabo 2018-2019 Ticket, with campaign slogans as Bring Back Vibrancy to the NSS, A New Start A New Voice

Team Vibrancy Ticket 2018
Victor IkaUsman Sabo
for Presidentfor Vice President

2018 EMU International Societies presidential election

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Turnout 132 Decrease 54.9%
Victor Ika
School Dept.

Nigerian stateAkwa-Ibom

Running mate Usman Sabo 
Popular Votes
69 (Y)
63 (N)


President before election

Ibrahim Saghir

Elected President

Victor Ika

Campaign Materials



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