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2015 Presidential Elections

 The 2015 NSS Elections was the 10th Annual Elections held by the International Office of the University.  The elections was a Three way contest between Comrade Farouk Madaka, Comrade Clifford Ubani  and Incumbent NSS Director Peter Abue, this election was recorded as the most contentious, and quite politically violent of elections, Around election period there wasn't too much assurance that President Salim wasn't going to run for re-elections .                                                                                                                              President Salim Hamza , the Incumbent President declined to run for a Second Term.

President Salim had restored the public image of the Society with so many sucesses to his administration and endorsed Madaka Farouk to be his successor.

Madaka's Campaign

Madaka Farouk for NSS President Campaign Team picked Comrade Temitope Ajiboro as the running mate/vice presidential candidate and together formed Farouk/Ajiboro 2015-2016 Ticket, with campaign slogans as: Solidarity, We will do Better, Progress.

2015 Team Progress Ticket
Madaka Farouk
Ajiboro Temitope
for Presidentfor Vice President


Ubani's Campaign

Clifford Ubani for NSS President Campaign Team ran with campaign slogans as: Solidarity, We will do Better, Progress.

Abue's Campaign

Peter Abue for NSS President Campaign Team picked Presidential Aspirant Comrade Nafiu as the running mate/vice presidential candidate, Earlier on Peter was selected as the running mate to Nafiu, but nafiu had failed to meet the election guidelines and immediately Peter was selected as the Candidate and together formed Abue/Nafiu 2015-2016 Ticket, with campaign slogans as: Unity

2015 EMU International Societies presidential election

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2015 2016 →

Turnout 532Decrease 27.5%

Nominee Madaka Farouk Clifford Ubani Peter Abue

School Dept. Human Resource Management n/a
Civil Engineering
Nigerian State Kano Anambra Port-Hacourt
Running Mate Ajiboro Temitope n/aNafiu Ibrahim
Popular vote 235 196101
Percentage 44.17% 36.84%18.98%

President before election

Salim H. Ringim

Elected President

Madaka Farouk

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