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Comrade Farouk Ado Madaka (NSS President 2015/2016) Appreciation Message to Nigerian Students

Comrade Farouk Ado Madaka (NSS President 2015/2016) Appreciation Message to Nigerian Students
Published Date: Friday, 11 November 2016

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we are in a new dawn, the end of our era, the end of a journey with passion and inner desire for progress.

I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Almighty God who in his power has made it possible for all of us to witness the end of our tenure, I would also like to thank you for electing me as your NSS President, I am humbled by your confidence that we will be able to serve and represent you which we did to the best of our abilities.

I would like to recognize the efforts of the two contestants who ran for the NSS Presidency, they have worked very hard, engaged in massive campaigns and sacrificing their time, I respect and admire their courage and I believe they have not lost the zeal to serve, therefore, they are great contributors to this success today.

Fellow Nigerians Students, I am humbled by the task behind us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed on us and the opportunity you have given us to serve you. Greatest Nigerian students, the NSS was founded solely for the betterment of the Nigerian students, to serve as an intermediary between the school and the Nigerian students, to serve Nigerian students and assist them in every possible way it can. We took into account your interests and your voices on the many issues we faced during the year. In reaffirming the greatness of our society, we understand that greatness is never given, but it must be earned, having said this, it is our goal to give our total support to the current administration to make a better NSS and greater Nigerian Students. We beckon and urge all Nigerians Students to give their total support to the new administration as the NSS gives theirs to attain greater heights together.

I would like to conclude by thanking the leadership of the Eastern Mediterranean University, EMU International Office and the Nigerian Embassy Ankara for the assistance given to us for the past one year of our tenure. Most importantly, our profound gratitude goes to the entire Nigerian students for their unwavering support, the NSS Executive Cabinet members, leadership of the NSS Senate and senate members and all committee members for doing me the honor and the privilege of working with me and rendering their selfless services to the betterment of Nigerian students in EMU and its environs.

I wish us God's guidance throughout our academic stay here and all through our life, I wish us all the best in our Midterm exams. Thank you and God bless.

Long live NSS

Long live EMU

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria

Aluta Continua,

Victoria acerta.

Yours in struggle

Comrade Farouk Ado Madaka

(NSS President 2015/2016)

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