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David Akemu was born on 10th April, He is currently Studying Psychology at Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus. Prior to now, he was pursuing a career in Medical Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy) at University of Nigeria Enugu Campus before he moved to continue his Education in North Cyprus. He hails from Delta State Nigeria. He speaks English, Igbo, with beginner's knowledge in bini, and Turkish. He is currently the Assistant Secretary General of the Nigerian Students Society, Eastern Mediterranean University, President of Nigerian Association of Delta State Students (NADESSTU TRNC), AIESEC (EMU Chapter) 


  • Director of Social (Delta State Association NADESSTU 2011)

  • IESEC Nigeria

  • Nokia Brand Ambassador 

  • Organizing DBDB (Don't Break Da Beat) rap competition, 2013)

  • Marketed Nokia Products(2013)

  • Social Media assistant for Nokia (DBDB 2013)

  • Assistant ( EMU Orientation Days, 2014)

  • Assistant EMU Psychology days, 2014)

  • Assistant Secretary General (NSS EMU, 2015)

  • Pioneer President Nigerian Association of Delta State Students (NADESSTU, TRNC, 2016)


  • Coolest Guy (UNSSEC 2010)

  • Best Dancer (UNSSEC 2010)

  • Best Dressed (UNEC 2010)

    HOBBIES: Problem Solving, Social Networking, Travelling, 

    SPORTS: Sprint Marathon

    LIKES: Philanthropy, Dedication, Honesty

    DISLIKES: Gossips, backbiting and Procrastination

    FAVOURITE QUOTES: "Just Do It" "Instead of worrying about the things you cannot change, focus on the things you can change" Die now and live later or live now and die later"

    BELIEFS: "It is not how far you go but how well"